TICO-BUE announces the first patent filed by BUE

//TICO-BUE announces the first patent filed by BUE

TICO-BUE announces the first patent filed by BUE

Patents can provide individuals and companies with great value and increased return on the investment made in developing a new technology. A patent is an intellectual property right to protect inventions, granted by a country’s government as a territorial right for a limited period. Patent rights make it illegal for anyone except the owner or someone with the owner’s permission to make, use, import or sell the invention in the country where the patent was granted. For a patent to be granted the invention must be Novel, Inventive and Have industrial applicability.

Once an invention is made publically available through publication of a paper, poster or presentation to someone outside the University and is not protected by a patent, anyone can make use of the invention and is under no obligation to reference the originator. We are very aware of the need to publish research findings and the importance of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) to both individuals and to the University. An increasingly important factor is the reported impact of our research and the University’s ability to create diverse income streams through translation and commercialization of this research. The filing of patent applications by Universities is measured as a public benefit, but it also provides the essential protection and platform by which to build a commercial case for investment.

TICO-BUE is very glad to announce that the British University in Egypt has just filled its first Patent in the Egyptian Patent Office. That is a transformational point to the BUE, moving from teaching, to research, and now to innovation; all in international scale.

It is very important as well to acknowledge the great input from the inventors, Dr. Samy Mohamady, Prof. Mohey ElMazar and Dr. Muhammad Ismail. Without their hard work and dedication to register the patent as a BUE patient, nothing would be possible.

The invention relates to new protein kinases modulators New chemical compounds that are of high potential use as an anticancer (against different types of cancer) The invention is related to new protein kinases modulators.

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