First workshop on Intellectual Property Rights in the BUE

//First workshop on Intellectual Property Rights in the BUE

First workshop on Intellectual Property Rights in the BUE

An important means to increase the innovative power of a firm is to create IP-awareness amongst its employees, in particular amongst those who are directly or indirectly involved in the innovation process. There is always a risk that valuable ideas remain on the shelf or, even worse, within the heads of the employees, due to lack of awareness of the IP protection options that are available for the innovation.

TICO-BUE has held its first workshop on intellectual property rights entitled “Intellectual Property — Your Rights and Opportunities” for Two days. The Workshop addressed Dr. Rasha Tawfiq IP Consultant and Assistant Lecturer in Pharmacology at BUE. The Sessions were followed by an Interactive Session / Q&A Session. This Workshop was concluded with Certificate distribution to the participants.

The main aim of the workshop is to impart a greater awareness about the issue of Intellectual Property Right (IPR), which has gained special importance for all the domains of socioeconomic development. It aids to understand of patentability criteria in details and viable aspect of the patent.

The workshop covers the following:

  • How to use your research or creative idea to make money?
  • What are your rights inside and outside Egypt over your intellectual assets?
  • How to draft your patent application?
  • How to protect your new creative software application?
  • What type of research could be a Patent?
  • What is the IP policy of the BUE?
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