BUE launches innovation campaign “BUE Innovate II”

//BUE launches innovation campaign “BUE Innovate II”

BUE launches innovation campaign “BUE Innovate II”

 BUE Innovate is the first event organized by TICO among a series of events, which aim at closing the innovation cycle by linking research with industrial needs, and promoting and raising awareness of innovation and entrepreneurial culture within BUE community in general, and among students in particular. Additionally, such events aimed at highlighting the importance of innovation in shaping the future of our country, and shining light on successful role models, both Egyptians and others who have helped in reshaping the world through their innovations.

“BUE Innovate” is a unique chance to meet different leaders and practitioners, to share perspectives and experiences related to innovation and Entrepreneurship. This series of events brings together key representatives from across academics, researchers, industry, entrepreneurs and young people to explore, share and present illustrative practices as well as new developments. In addition to the above, the event will create an excellent opportunity for networking and establish a sustainable network of partner and stakeholder organizations.

At this event, many inspirational innovators and entrepreneurs from BUE community, including students, alumni, and professors took the stage to tell the story of their innovation and successful venture in commercialization. Dr. Hatem Zaghloul, an Egyptian-Canadian entrepreneur, renowned for technologies which supported WiFi and 3G technologies was among the presenters in BUE Innovate.

The event was attended by many dignitaries; Prof. Mahmoud Sakr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, the Sponsor of BUE TICO, Mr. Song Aiguo, China’s Ambassador to Egypt, Engineer Tarek El-Nabarawy, Head of the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate, Mr. Mohamed Farid Khamis, BUE Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Professor Ahmed Hamad, President of the University, Professor Yehia Bahei-El Din, and Vice President for Research and Postgraduate Studies. Deans, Vice Deans and a large crowd from BUE staff and students were also on hand for the event.


The following businesses and startups have been awarded at BUE for their distinction at BUE Innovate II Competition:


The project is based on friction stir welding technology either by providing a welding service for different kinds of industries or by providing design and manufacturing of FSW machine for companies, universities, technical schools, and research institutes. We will also offer training and technical support for FSW technology.


Search engine for medicines connects between pharmacies and patients online, where the patients search for medicines and find the nearby pharmacy at the same moment of searching.


A good platform that automates the ordering and paying process in a restaurant, and upgrades the restaurant experience overall.


A social web app linking entrepreneurs to the business ecosystem which provides the startups to express their needs and an opportunity to be seen by investors which is an advantage to widen their networks. As well as the customer can express needs, entrepreneurs can express their ideas, investors offer their sources, and business owner can offer products and services, simply it’s a social entrepreneurial platform.


1 -BIND is a device in the form of a glove, it is a communication and translation device that team made it inspired by the way deaf-blind communicate that transforms the hand-touch Arabic alphabet into speech. It consists of thirty buttons each of which represents a specific character.

-The deaf-blind will click on the buttons, then the glove will out the word as a voice.

2- BOND is an internet of things device in form of bracelet connected online with mobile through our application which means he can reach anyone at any time this device contains 4 buttons each button delivers a specific message to the phone recorded on it, and the user can easily assign their own messages. When the deaf, blind person clicks on the button it sends a voice message to the person who responsible for him.

Go Green

Why do we use dangerous fertilizers that have a bad effect on the environment when natural alternative its sources is household waste is safe fertilizers with the minor cost?

– Importance of the research:

  1. Adjusting the acidic PH of the sandy soil by using egg crack and increase calcium nutrients in the soil.
  2. Recycling household like tea, coffee and egg cracks to reduce using chemical fertilizers hence producing a natural relatively cheap fertilizer.
  3. Produce crops that don’t have a bad effect on humans in the long term as artificial fertilizers do where: –

– Chemical fertilizer: that produces crops contain hazard substance such as Anhydrous Ammonium which is very harmful to human tissues.

– Manure fertilizers: that comes from animal sources, these animals feed on grass and food which contain pesticides and of course, traces of those pesticides will be in the stool of that animal

  1. Awareness to the huge danger of the fertilizer on the environment concerning water pollution (rivers-underground water).

– Research objectives:

1-Produce friendly environment fertilizer with minor cost of household.

2-Adjust the acidity of the sandy soil using egg cracks for more desert and land reclamation.

3- Adjusting the fertility of salty, alkaline and sandy soils using the natural fertilizer of tea and coffee wastes.

4- On the financial side, reduce the huge costs spent on manufacturing and importing the artificial fertilizers.

– Research methodology

They started their experiment at British university’s Pharmacognosy labs and distributed surveys in 4 plantations.

– Results

They concluded that the egg crack can improve the sandy soil fertility by adjusting its acidic PH and increase the fertility of both sandy and alkaline salty soils by tea and coffee household wastes.

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