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“Small opportunitises are often the beginning of great enterprises”. (Demosthenes). 

BUE’s Vision:

The British University in Egypt (BUE) has been envisioned as a leading research, innovation and technology hub in Egypt and MEA region. A main challenge to achieve this vision is to close the innovation cycle in order to bridge the gap between research and societal needs. A challenge that many higher education institutes in Egypt and MEA region face. The goal of the TICO is to establish sustainable mechanisms to the development of science and technology solutions that is research-based, innovative and sustainable, and to maximize their economical and societal impact.

TICO’s Vision:

The vision of the Technology Innovation and Commercialization office (TICO) at the BUE is to close the innovation cycle in order to bridge the gap between research and industrial and societal needs. Furthermore, TICO BUE Office aims to support innovation and technology in the areas that would develop the business of the existing firms and establish strong and stable small and medium projects.

TICO’s Mission:

The goal of the Technology Innovation and Commercialization office (TICO) at the BUE is to establish sustainable mechanisms to the development of science and technology solutions that are research-based, innovative and sustainable, and to maximize their economic and social impact.

TICO office aims to achieve its vision and mission through its 3 offices; Technology Transfer Office (TTO), Technology Innovation Support Center (TISC), and Grants and International Collaboration Office (GICO).



  • Address the issue of innovation as a complete cycle of planning, capacity building, research & innovation, technology transfer and finally outreach.
  • Participate in national forums and committees to promote innovation, and knowledge & technology transfer from the university to the society in large.
  • Building the capacity and spirit for research, innovation, IPR and technology transfer at the BUE and local community.
  • Integrating local academic capacity of the BUE with governmental, industrial and community capabilities to support innovation in Egypt through different business-driven ventures (e.g. start-ups, spin-offs, etc) and funded projects.
  • Strengthening cooperation with leading national and international entities for building local know-how and expertise.
  • Create public awareness of available technical solutions and benefits.

 The best way to predict the future is to create it. … Alan Kay

TICO’s Main activities:

  • Develop Research, Technology, Innovation & Commercialization strategy
  • Develop and implement Education and Training Packages designed for Capacity Building of the BUE and local community.
  • Enhance Research Contracts and Grants capacity of the BUE through acquiring more administrative and technical capabilities.
  • Develop and execute a Technology Transfer and IPRs scheme to support projects with implementable prototypes and linking them to relevant industries.
  • Develop and implement Promotion and Outreach plans to market the activities of the office to potential stakeholders in industry, government, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, and society in large.
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Promotion and Outreach Unit promotes and creates TICO BUE initiative and activities related to community development. The P&O unit will arrange conferences, publish bi-annual newsletters and status reports, and manage the TICO BUE online portal. The unit aims to morph into an NGO that work to facilitate and support cooperation between local and international RTIC communities, industries, and government to solve technological issues.

Technology and Knowledge Transfer 2017-03-05T12:15:46+00:00

Technology and Knowledge Transfer  links BUE capacity with local and international industries, community and stakeholders, while adapting innovative technological solutions to local conditions and integrating them with technologies. The unit aims to facilitate the spread of technology cooperation across and within Egypt; covering technological and knowledge transfer between Egypt, MENA region and industrial world.

The Research and Innovation Unit 2017-03-05T12:14:46+00:00

The Research and Innovation Unit works with research centers at the BUE and active researchers to form teams. Furthermore, the R&I help in linking the BUE’s scientists with key players in RTIC community and excellence centers to engage in funded research and active collaboration.

Capacity Building and Education Unit 2017-03-05T12:13:49+00:00

Capacity Building and Education Unit executes trainings and education programs targeting undergraduate and post graduate students, professional, and technical and non-technical staff. Trainings include proposal writings, Intellectual Property Right (IPR) protection, time management, financial aspects, business plan and feasibility studies development and other business related training programs.

The unit shall work with different faculties at the BUE to achieve its goals. It will also target nearby universities and international funds to conduct training activities on national and regional levels

The Planning and Strategy unit 2017-03-05T12:12:54+00:00

The Planning and Strategy unit is responsible for setting the research, technology, innovation, and commercialization (RTIC) strategies and plans for the BUE as well as to participate in developing a roadmap on national and regional levels. The roadmap is determined by the needs of the society and stakeholders as well as the RTIC capacity at the BUE.

The unit is expected to grow to become a Think-Tank for Egypt and MENA region. The unit shall work to build bridges with the government officials, policy makers, media, and community and industrial leaders to develop and promote better path for development.

Grants and International Collaboration Office (GICO) 2017-03-05T11:58:21+00:00

The GICO is responsible for finding and providing opportunities of international technical and financial support for the research projects. The Grants and International Collaboration Office defines potential local and international funding opportunities for research-based projects.

Technology Transfer Office (TTO) 2017-03-05T11:59:57+00:00

The TTO office is concerned with supporting and promoting research and technological needs for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in order to improve their technological capabilities. Once the SMEs’ challenges are highlighted; the TTO prepare economic and comparative studies aiming to determine the economic feasibility of the available technologies.

The Technology Transfer Office designs and creates data bases for all technologies knowledge, and patents available and classify these knowledge, innovations, and patents. The TTO will also follow up for the marketing and promotional activities of the patents, innovations, and technical applied knowledge for the beneficiaries.

It is also responsible for finding new ideas, provide its owners with the suitable information and atmosphere for its implementation

Technology Innovation Support Center (TISC) 2017-03-05T11:55:44+00:00

The TISC office supports the creation of patents and intellectual property, provides a pathway to those interested in submitting new researches in different fields, assist in drafting of patent application, and guide in resolving technological/ technical/ industrial problem concerning patents issued/ patent fallen in the public domain/ ideas of inventors (databases).